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RV Winterzation Kit


RV Winterzation Kit

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    Barcode: 818114001512
    Shipping Weight: 1.02 lb
    Internal Reference: VA-90145
    Brand: Viair
    Manufacture Part Number: 90145

    Blow Out the System w/Compressed Air

     1. Disconnect from outside water source.

     2. Turn off all power and shut off propane.

     3. Bypass your water heater.

     4. Open all faucets.

     5. Open the system drain valves letting the water empty.

     6. Flush the toilet to clear any water from the line.

     7. Connect the “blow out plug” to the city water inlet—not the fresh water tank.

     8. Adjust the regulator to no more than 30 psi. (This helps avoid damaging the water lines.)

     9. Connect the blow out plug to the female quick connect coupler on the regulator.

    10. Turn on the compressor and let it run until all water is blown from the faucets and drain valves.

    11. Shut off the air compressor and disconnect the blow out plug from the water inlet.