Air House Mini Air Bag
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    Barcode: 655255477482
    Shipping Weight: 2.61 lb
    Internal Reference: 02-AH5.25-14
    Brand: Universal Air
    Manufacture Part Number: 02-AH5.25-14

    Air House Mini

    By Universal Air

    Great things come in Miniature packages!

    The Air House Mini was designed to to be a Miniature version of our Air House 2.  Sometimes 5.875"-6" is just a little too large for your vehicle, that's where the Air House Mini shines!  With a maximum diameter of 5.25", it gives just enough room.  Typically that's the difference between bags rubbing and not.

    With a Super Short 2" Collapsed, and a respectable 7.5" extended height,  results in 5.5" of available bag travel and even more at the Wheels with leveraged suspension!  With the smaller diameter, it will provide a firmer ride compared to the Air House 2.

    Best suited for your Control Arm suspension, or Link rear system where the bags are mounted on the bar to take advantage of leverage.  Most popular application is newer vehicles with complex, tight rear suspension.

    No Center Ring

    Single bellow construction greatly increases the stability of the air spring allowing for increased angle and load applications without the banana center kick out.

    Maximum Outside Diameter when compressed is 5.25" and will shrink down to about 5.125" when inflated.

    With the added stability there is a very noticeable reduction in vehicle "sway" compared to a typical double convoluted.


    2" Collapsed Height

    7.5" Extended Height

    5.25" Max Diameter

    1/4" NPT, 1/4" Recessed in Cap

    3.25" - 4.75" Optimum Ride Height

    Up to 1900 Lbs. Force at 115 PSI

    Heavy Duty Thick Rubber Construction

    537 PSI Tested Burst Pressure

    Front or Rear Installation

    Straight or Angled Installation

    Industry Standard Bolt Pattern 

    Machined 6061 Aluminum Caps

    Seeing is Believing!