Aerostrut Double Air Bag
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    Barcode: 655255052917
    Shipping Weight: 5.25 lb
    Internal Reference: 02-ST-DB-14
    Brand: Universal Air
    Manufacture Part Number: 02-ST-DB


    By Universal Air

    Similar to our Aerosport, the Aerostrut is designed to go over existing struts.  The bag is designed for light vehicle applications only.  For heavy vehicle applications, the Aerosport or Air House 7 Aerosport is a better choice.  Will provide a softer ride in light vehicle applications

    The Aerostrut series features our Patented Internal Chamber Technology.  With the inner and outer bellow, air will go in the middle like a donut.  There is no moving seals.  

    The bag can be slipped over any strut that is 2.14" or smaller in diameter.  This will include your aftermarket coilovers, aftermarket struts, OEM struts, and hybrid systems.

    The Bag should be fitted to the struts with brackets to insure the bag stays fairly straight to prevent internal rubbing of the inner chamber.  For your McPherson front suspension, some type of bearing is required to insure the bag will not bind when you turn your steering.

    Universal Brackets

    For Installation Instructions and tips please view our Online Knowledge Base.

    Knowledge Base

    With the internal chamber.  We are able to install the bag into applications where the cap sealed to the shaft will not provide adequate angle for the suspension to cycle properly.  A slight angle of the bag is perfectly acceptable.


    4.125" Collapsed Height

    10" Extended Height

    5.875" Max Diameter

    2.17" Internal Diameter

    Softer Spring Rate

    1/4" NPT Air Port Inlet

    Heavy Duty Thick Rubber Construction

    Patented Technology

    Strut Installation

    Straight Installation

    3.45" Center to Center

     Bolt Pattern 

    Machined 6061 Aluminum Caps

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