Accuair E plus ECU Upgrade
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Accuair E+ ECU Only. Upgrade for Existing E-Level. No harnesses AA-3638

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    Barcode: 655255016872
    Shipping Weight: 1.51 lb
    Internal Reference: AA-3638
    Brand: Accuair Control Systems
    Manufacture Part Number: AA-3638


    Lowered/Ride Height/Raised plus All Down when using e+ Height*.


    Learns how to adjust for your vehicle when using e+ Height*.


    Long range Bluetooth 5.0 standard with all systems.


    Colored LED indicates the status of your compressor when using e+ TouchPad*.


    Visual display of your height % when using e+ Height*.


    Future proof with the latest features and functions.

    As one of the most highly anticipated, next generation air suspension controllers, AccuAir’s e-Level+ ECU Upgrade allows you to take your air suspension system to the next level. AccuAir’s e+ Connect kit is going to allow you to have wireless control over your air suspension system through the e+ Level app. This kit will include the e+ Connect ECU+, wireless switch box, and the e-Level+ app. The system is the standard for our Starter, Premium, and Ultimate Packages and is a great way for you to manage your air suspension system.


    AccuAir’s e-Level+ Connect is 5.0 Bluetooth enabled for a simpler user experience and better performance and reliability. 5.0 Bluetooth allows for long range use and is standard on all systems.

    Over The Air Updates

    Gone are the days of outdated software and controllers that have to be replaced due to advances in software. e-Level+ allows for over-the-air updates to future proof with the latest features and functions.

    RGB Backlighting

    With the e+Connect, you will get a beautiful and modern ECU with an AccuAir logo design and RGB backlighting. This allows you to get the perfect look for your trunk or wherever you choose to mount your ECU.

    Height Indication

    When using the e+Height upgrade, you can get a visual display of your height % in the e-Level+ app.

    100% Plug-n-Play

    The e+Connect is going to include an ECU+, a wireless switch box, and the e-Level+ app. A 100% plug-and-play wiring harness ill be needed for easy installation.


    Want to give your air suspension an extra touch of customization? e+Connect allows for your vehicle to automatically lift to the driving height upon starting your vehicle. when using e+height.

    eLevel+ App

    This kit comes with accessibility for AccuAir’s e-Level+app. This app allows you to make any adjustment to your air suspension system through the convenience of the app. The app is laid out similar to our e+TouchPad for great looks and easy usability.

    Automatic Calibration

    When using e+Height, this kit will automatically learn how to adjust for your vehicle through automatic calibration.

    Battery Saver mode

    If your system has not been used in 24 hours, it will automatically shut off to save battery.

    Important Note: This product is an upgrade if you already have an existing AccuAir system including any SwitchSpeed or e-Level built prior to 2019 (R9 and R10 e-Level systems). This product listing is for the ECU ONLY and does not include a harness or pressure sensor. Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns.