Accuair E plus Height
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Accuair E+ Height. E-Level Upgrade Height sensors for E+ AA-3641

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    Barcode: 815710022088
    Shipping Weight: 3.48 lb
    Internal Reference: AA-3641
    Brand: Accuair Control Systems
    Manufacture Part Number: AA-3638


    Lowered/Ride Height/Raised plus All Down.


    Learns how to adjust for your vehicle.


    Visual display of your height %.


    Lifts vehicle to driving height.


    Provides accurate leveling regardless of load.


    Adjustment methods avoid valve “pulsing” and gets you ready to drive immediately.

    If you are wanting to get your vehicle to a certain height for parking, driving, or racing, you can simply use AccuAir’s Height+ TruPosition Height Sensors. These Height+ sensors provide accurate leveling regardless of load. You can pre-program 3 heights for lowered, ride height, and raised. These sensors allow you to get straight to the height you prefer without having to pulse your valves for quick and easy adjustments. These sensors can be added on to your kit and come standard in our Ultimate and Premium air suspension packages. You can add this kit to your existing e+ Connect system to transform your e-level+ system into a height-based air management system. Use the e+ app to see real time height data sent straight from the sensors to your phone.


    Let’s face it, most people running air suspension systems know exactly how they want their vehicles to sit when parked, driving, and raised. There is no reason to always be pulsing your valves to get the perfect height each time you want to get to a certain level. AccuAir’s Height+ upgrade allows for straight-to-height programming to allow you to get to the exact level you want each time for up to three different positions.

    TruPosition Height Sensors

    This Height+ Upgrade utilizes TruPosition technology, exclusive to AccuAir, to ensure that you get your perfect ride height every time no matter the load. This is great for those who may carry more passengers than normal or have heavier loads at times. These sensors are going to be some of the highest quality sensors on the market, giving you the most accurate height-based management that air suspension has to offer. Pick up a set today to complete or upgrade your AccuAir e-Level kit and enjoy stress free, accurate ride height adjustment at the push of a button.

    Quick Start Guide (Install Height Sensors)