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    Shipping Weight: 2 lb
    Internal Reference: AA-3669
    Brand: Accuair Control Systems
    Manufacture Part Number: AA-3638

    Accidents happen, especially during the installation of parts where something as simple as a mistake can cause a part to become damaged. AccuAir knows that not every install can go perfectly, so we offer replacement parts to make sure that you can complete your install with hard to find kit components to replace damaged parts. This AccuAir e-Level main harness is going to be a direct replacement for a damaged factory harness that was included in your kit. This harness is a plug and play design and will go from your e-Level ECU to your TouchPad+ making for a quick and easy repair for a damaged harness.

    Note: The product photo is for reference, although upon receiving the product you'll notice the fuses were removed and no longer needed since we put auto-resetting fuses internal to the ECU.