Accuair E plus Endo VT Air Management Package
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  • Tank
  • Compressor
  • Power Kit
  • Autoleveling

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Shipping Weight: 65 lb

Build your Accuair VT Tank Management System

Trying to Simplify the complexity of building out your management system to fit your needs.  

It can get overwhelming when trying to decide which options you need.  We are here to help!  

The Complete Management Kit will come with all the fittings, hardware, wiring, airline and even items you didn't even know you needed!

Air Tank

This Air Management Package is focused around taking advantage of Accuair Patented Valve Tank (VT).  The Air Valves are integrated into the end caps making a simple clean install.  

Utilizing the Flow Control valves next to the airline connections, you will be able to independently adjust the speed each corner will lift or drop.

3 Gallon Tank is 18 5/16" long x 6 5/8" Diameter

5 Gallon Tank is 29 5/16" long x 6 5/8" Diameter

Make sure to allow for a couple inches on the end for the airline connections.

Choose your Compressors

We always recommend dual compressors for drivers.  Dual compressors will last a lot longer since they are only running half the time.  

If your feeling overwhelmed with the compressor choices, here is our recommendations.  

To save a few bucks, 444's are the way to go.  If you want the best, 485's are for you.

Compressor Differences

If you're going to run a single compressor, this is one to run. 200 PSI.

Faster filling then the 380, but lower duty cycle and only 150 PSI rated.

When space is tight, this is the way to go.  With the smaller motor, it will fit into tighter spaces. 200 PSI.

Fastest filling, but lower duty cycle and only 150 PSI rated.  

By far the most popular choice.  Excellent cost to performance ratio. 200 PSI.

Viair Dual 480

Old faithful compressor.  Larger head then the 444 for better cooling.  We feel if you want a better compressor then the 444, step up to the 485.  200 PSI.    

Newer version of the 480 compressor.  Heavier duty motor with highest duty cycle, and faster filling compared to the 444/480. 200 PSI.   

Power Kit

The Power Kit is recommend for anyone without a ton of extra heavy power wire laying around from that stereo install.

The Power Kit includes all the accessories required to hook up the compressors.  4 AWG Heavy Gauge Power Wire, Ring Terminals, Wire Clamps, ANL Fuse, ANL Fuse Holder, 80 AMP Solenoid Etc.

Auto Leveling

This is where you can unlock the true advantage of the Accuair E+ System.  Running Height based Auto Leveling or Pressure based.  

We recommend Accuair height based system as its super robust and accurate.  

The system will be functional without the sensors installed, you just won't have your presets until they are.


Tank 3 Gallon or 5 Gallon
Compressor Single Viair 380 or Single Viair 400 or Dual Viair 380 Chrome or Dual Viair 380 Black or Dual Viair 400 Chrome or Dual Viair 400 Black or Dual Viair 444 Chrome or Dual Viair 444 Black or Dual Viair 480 Chrome or Dual Viair 480 Black or Dual Viair 485 Platinum or Dual Viair 485 Black
Power Kit No Power Kit or Yes Power Kit
Autoleveling No or Pressure Based or Height Based