Acrylic RGB Air Tank
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Frosted Acrylic Tank with RGB LED Rings. 8.5" Wide 9" Tall 26.5" with removable 90 degree 1" Thick Air Fitting Plates 3.5 Gallon Actual Volume. (3) 1/4" NPT (1) 3/8 NPT on each end cap.

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Shipping Weight: 48 lb
Brand: Universal Air

Custom RGB Acrylic Air Tank for your Custom Car Suspension System.

Light up your Trunk!

Introducing the Frosted Acrylic Air Tank with RGB LED Rings, the perfect addition to any Custom Car air suspension system. This tank features a sleek and modern design that adds a touch of style to your build.  While its durable construction ensures reliable performance on the road.

Stunning Install by Cruizen By Design

Measuring 8.5" wide and 9" tall, this air tank is the perfect size for custom car setups. With a generous 3.5 gallon actual volume, it provides ample air storage capacity to keep your air suspension system running smoothly.  

Built on our Billet tank infrastructure, similar bolt-together inner support rods to encapsulate the air.  All neatly packed in a simple looking design.

The tank comes with removable 90 degree, 1" thick air fitting plates that allow to you hide the connections if you desire. The plates can be easily removed, if you want the fittings to come straight out.  (3) 1/4" NPT (1) 3/8 NPT on each endcap.

Another Beautiful install by Evol Auto Works

The Frosted Acrylic Air Tank also features customizable RGB LED rings that add a touch of personalization to your custom car setup. Lined with a Brushed Aluminum tube keeping that condensation hidden.  Choose from a variety of colors and lighting modes to match your car's aesthetic and give it that extra edge.

Looks beautiful both illuminated and turned off

Upgrade your custom car air suspension system with the Frosted Acrylic Air Tank with RGB LED Rings and take your ride to the next level. With its sleek design, durable construction, and customizable lighting, this tank catches eyes!


Thick Acrylic Construction

Edge Lit RGB Lighting

Brushed Aluminum Liner

Standard 4 PIN RGB Connectors x 2

Bolt Together Design

Internal Frosting

Wire Exit & Mounting through feet

2021 SEMA Global Media Award winner

Removeable 90 Plates

Over 1000 PSI Burst Pressure

No Visible Hardware

Patent Pending

Tank Dimensional Drawing

***Designed to integrate with your existing RGB 4 wire system.  If you don't have a controller, any standard 4 pin RGB Controllers will operate the LED's built into the end caps of the tank.

Bluetooth Controller Lin​​k​

Remote Controller

To have the same light on both caps, use a Y Splitter cable

Y Spl​​​​itter


Color Black or Silver