Aeroleaf 66-69 Lincoln Continental
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    Barcode: 655255475358
    Shipping Weight: 170 lb

    The ultimate innovation for leaf spring suspension!

    Our Aeroleaf is a complete rear suspension replacement designed to improve ride comfort, performance, and drop.

    Engineered with a heavy duty steel construction, our Continental kit features a dual bag design to maintain your cars full cargo capacity.  Our patented design utilizes leverage to maximize suspension performance!

    Aeroleaf is a completely self contained leaf spring replacement.  Due to the Aeroleaf's engineering, it loads the vehicle chassis in the factory OEM spring locations.

    Air is the core element that makes the Aeroleaf what it is.  The bags (air springs) give you full suspension travel from bump stop to max shock height.  They allow you to get more out of your car and with the ability to adjust its cargo capacity for loads. It also includes the added benefits of improving traction for accelerating & braking.  Lastly let’s not forget, airing out!

    Comfort is a cornerstone of the Aeroleafs design and engineering!  Our air springs mounted with leverage to not only increase travel, but provide a softer ride, loaded or unloaded!  This means you can now enjoy a cup of coffee, spill free or comfortably take the family out and about.  An additional key benefit is reduced driver fatigue for those long trips.

    Seriously. We’ve eliminated the need for welding or custom fab work. Aeroleaf utilizes the OEM factory leaf spring mounting locations and includes adjustment points to dial in alignment.  We wanted this to be as simple as possible so that anyone could enjoy the Aeroleaf. And with a few hour assembly/install, you’re ready to love driving/using your car even more!

    Installation Instructions

    The Aeroleaf comes standard “as is” with Schrader (tire) valves for inflation, although we also offer 3 management options.
    We offer manual paddle valve controls, or your standard aftermarket pressure/height based managements.
    From basic to advanced smart controls, Aeroleaf can be raised or lowered to your desired height.