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Airlift 3P/H Air Management Package


1,971.00 1971.0 USD 1,971.00


  • Tank
  • Compressor
  • Airline Size
  • Height Based

This combination does not exist.

Get all the advantages of height sensors + the added intelligence of a system that also considers pressure.

The ultimate air suspension setup needs the most advanced manifold.

  • Advanced Processing
  • The state-of-the-art 32-bit processor powers advanced height + pressure algorithms for the most precise 4-corner control.

  • Single Harness Connection

    The system comes with a simple and streamlined wiring harness for an easy and clean install.

  • Fully Integrated

    Less components to buy and install with the ECU, manifold, and Bluetooth in one.

  • Built-in Bluetooth

    No antennas, hardware, or additional accessories are needed to connect your mobile device to the manifold.

  • Accelerometer

    The system detects the movement of the vehicle and makes accurate and intelligent adjustments at the right time.

  • Limitless Mounting Options

    The compact design, harness connector location, and rotatable logo plate all allow for limitless placement options.


Tank 4 Gallon Black Aluminum or 4 Gallon Silver Aluminum or No Tank or 3 Gallon Aluminum or 4.5 Gallon Aluminum or 5 Gallon Aluminum
Compressor Single Viair 380 or Single Viair 400 or Dual Viair 380 Chrome or Dual Viair 380 Black or Dual Viair 400 Chrome or Dual Viair 400 Black or Dual Viair 444 Chrome or Dual Viair 444 Black or Dual Viair 480 Chrome or Dual Viair 480 Black or Dual Viair 485 Platinum or Dual Viair 485 Black
Airline Size 1/4" or 3/8"
Height Based No Height Based or Yes Height Based