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Airlift 3P/H Air Management Package


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  • Tank
  • Compressor
  • Airline Size
  • Height Based

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Shipping Weight: 65 lb

Build your Air Lift Management System 

We have taken the struggle out of choosing all the items needed to complete your Air Management SystemBundled them up so you can choose the options you want.  Our kit will come complete with all the accessories!  Fittings, hardware, wiring, airline, even items you didn't even know you needed!

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At the center of the system is the Airlift 3P manifold.  An easy to install, compact unit that makes your system a breeze to hook up.  Add on optional height sensors for even more accurate control over maintaining your heights regardless of weight in the vehicle.

Choose Your Tank Size

Bigger isn't always better.  Your tank is a prime example.  The larger your tank is, the more non stop play time you will have.  However, when the compressors turn on, the longer it will take to fill back up.  

We generally recommend 4 gallons of air for most vehicles.  Of course we will be including all the fittings needed based off your selections above.

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  First step is to measure out your spacing to see what will fit best.  Have your Own Custom Tank you would like to use?  Select "No Tank" and don't forget to add your required fittings.  Your always welcome to Contact Us  for help

 3 Gallon - 7" Diameter x 20" Long Back Ports
4 Gallon - 7" Diameter x 24" Long End Ports
4.5 Gallon - 7" Diameter x 28" Long Back Ports
   5 Gallon - 7" Diameter x 32" Long Back Ports

Choose your Compressors

We always recommend dual compressors for drivers.  Dual compressors will last a lot longer since they are only running half the time.  When they wear out you will notice its taking forever to fill Selecting the options will include the required 2nd compressor harness and the fittings to install.

If your feeling overwhelmed with the compressor choices, here is our recommendations.  To save a few bucks, 444's are the way to go.  If you want the best, 485's are for you.  If you would like the quietest, 410's are the way to go

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Compressor Differences

If you're going to run a single compressor, this is one to run. 200 PSI.

Faster filling then the 380, but lower duty cycle and only 150 PSI rated.

When space is tight, this is the way to go.  With the smaller motor, it will fit into tighter spaces. 200 PSI.

Fastest filling, but lower duty cycle and only 150 PSI rated.

By far the most popular choice.  Excellent cost to performance ratio. 200 PSI.

Old faithful compressor.  Larger head then the 444 for better cooling.  We feel if you want a better compressor then the 444, step up to the 410 or 485.  200 PSI.  

Dual 485

Newer version of the 480 compressor.  Heavier duty motor with highest duty cycle, and faster filling compared to the 444/480. 200 PSI. 

Quieter operating version of a 380.  Shorter length then the 410ss. 200 PSI.

Quieter operating version of a 444/480/485.  Faster then the 444/480 but 485 is slightly faster. 200 PSI.

Air Line Size

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For Airlift management systems we recommend 1/4" Line.  Its easier to install and tends to not have programming problems.  3/8" Airline is a little faster on your lift/drop of the vehicle

Height or Pressure Based

Height based is always best, however, for a convoluted air spring style system, pressure based is accurate enough for most people.  For a Sleeve/Rolling Lobe style bag, you really need height based since the pressure inside the bag doesn't change much as you change the height.  Downside of course is a height based system is more expensive and harder to install.

We have done an Installation video  to help.

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Height Based

  • Requires mounting of height sensors.
  • More accurate and consistent then pressure based systems.
  • Works with any Air Bag.
  • HIGHLY recommended for Sleeve/Rolling Lobe Bags to achieve consistent height.
  • Accounts for change in Load (weight) in the vehicle.
  • Presets are based on physical height.

Pressure Based

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  • Easy To Install.
  • Will maintain the preset pressure in the bag.
  • Works fine on Convoluted bags but not accurate on Sleeve/Rolling Lobe Bags
  • Use multiple presets pressures for weight change scenarios.  
  • Upgradeable to Height Based if needed


Tank 3 Gallon Aluminum or 4 Gallon Black Aluminum or 4 Gallon Silver Aluminum or 4.5 Gallon Aluminum or 5 Gallon Aluminum or No Tank
Compressor Single Viair 380 or Single Viair 400 or Dual Viair 380 Chrome or Dual Viair 380 Black or Dual Viair 400 Chrome or Dual Viair 400 Black or Dual Viair 444 Chrome or Dual Viair 444 Black or Dual Viair 480 Chrome or Dual Viair 480 Black or Dual Viair 485 Platinum or Dual Viair 485 Black or Dual Viair 310 Stealth or Dual Viair 410 Stealth
Airline Size 1/4" or 3/8"
Height Based No Height Based or Yes Height Based