Billet Tank Management Kit Bundle
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Select your options and all the needed accessories will be included.

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  • Choose Length
  • Compressor
  • Airline Size
  • Color
  • Valve/Controller

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Shipping Weight: 65 lb

Build YOUR System

Choose your Options for your Air Suspension Management

Whether you want style, simplicity, complexity, or space savings, our Complete Modular Billet Tank Bundle is the Ultimate Solution for air management system.  The possibilities of your tank customization is only limited by your imagination.  

The complete package will come with the mounting brackets, required fittings and accessory products required to hook it up.

Choose your Tank

The tank comes in 12 different options.  Black and silver are selectable colors for the cap and tube separately.  24", 28" and 32" in overall length.  

With the fittings coming out the perimeter, the length is all you need for space. the larger tank will fill out the space better.  

We suggest the 24" for only the smallest of spaces.  You will want to run the Viair 380 compressors to fit nicely on the tank.

28" and 32" Long is the most recommended.  The 444's or 480's will fit neatly on them.

Choose Your Compressors

We tried to make the compressor options fairly simple.  If your running a 24" Tank, the 380's will fit better with their short motors. 444-485 will require the heads to point outwards. 

If you have the 28" and 32" we recommend either the 444's to save a few bucks. Or the 485 for the heavier duty motor and faster fill.

When space is tight, this is the way to go.  With the smaller motor, it will fit into tighter spaces. 200 PSI.

By far the most popular choice.  Excellent cost to performance ratio. 200 PSI.

If you're looking to put on a show, these are your best choice.  This pair can better handle the heat from running their heavier duty motor with highest duty cycle.  Faster filling compared to the 444. Highest duty cycle at 200 PSI.

Air Line Size

1/4" Line its more flexible and is easier to install.
3/8" Line has less flexibility, but will let you drop/lift 

Valve/Controller Options

When it comes to your system features, this is where the decisions need to be made.  

If your after a "Smart" System, we have both the Accuair and Airlift options available.  

From our standpoint, we recommend Accuair for your Height Based options, and Airlift for the Pressure Based systems.  If you don't want a computer setting your ride height, we offer the Slam Specialties combo.  

We are here to help!  If you want something else please don't hesitate to Contact Us

Accuair Complete E+ Bundle

  • Accuair E+ Connect ECU & Bluetooth Management
  • Accuair E+ Touchpad
  • Accuair E+ Height Sensor kit
  • Accuair VU4 Valve Unit
  • Best “Height Based” Management system
  • 3 Programmable Height Presets
  • Automatic Calibration
  • Height % Indicator in App
  • Diagnostics though App
  • Bluetooth Enabled Control
  • Physical Controller & Phone App controls with visual display
  • 24hr Sleep Mode (App control after vehicle is turned off)
  • Height Sensors Installation required for presets.


Height based is always best, however, for a convoluted air spring style system, pressure based is accurate enough for most people. 

For a Sleeve/Rolling Lobe style bag, you really need height based since the pressure inside the bag doesn't change much as you change the height.  

Downside of course is a height based system is more expensive and harder to install.

  We have done an Installation video  to help.

Height Based

  • Requires mounting of height sensors.
  • More accurate and consistent then pressure based systems.
  • Works with any Air Bag.
  • HIGHLY recommended for Sleeve/Rolling Lobe Bags to achieve consistent height.
  • Accounts for change in Load (weight) in the vehicle.
  • Presets are based on physical height.

Pressure Based

  • Easy To Install.
  • Will maintain the preset pressure in the bag.
  • Works fine on Convoluted bags but not accurate on Sleeve/Rolling Lobe Bags
  • Use multiple presets pressures for weight change scenarios.  
  • Upgradeable to Height Based if needed


  •  Simple & Straight Forward Manual Management System.
  • No "Computer" control.
  • Plug and Play Installation with No Programming.
  • No Programmable Presets, Just hold the switch until your height is achieved.
  • Individual Corner control Buttons.
  • Front & Rear control Buttons.
  • All Up and All Down Buttons.


Choose Length 24" - 3.38 Gallons or 28" - 4.02 Gallons or 32" - 4.67 Gallons
Compressor No Compressor or Dual Viair 380 Chrome or Dual Viair 380 Black or Dual Viair 444 Chrome or Dual Viair 444 Black or Dual Viair 485 Platinum or Dual Viair 485 Black
Airline Size 1/4" or 3/8"
Color Black Cap, Silver Tube or Silver Cap, Black Tube or Black Cap, Black Tube or Silver Cap, Silver Tub
Valve/Controller None or Accuair VU4 / E+ Connect / E+ Height / E+ Touchpad or Airlift 3H or Airlift 3P or Slam Specialties SV8 / MC1