BMW 4 Series F32/F33/F36 2015-2020 Solution Series
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Shipping Weight: 65 lb
Brand: Universal Air

 Solution Series
Engineered to be the Solution to your Suspension Problems

Universal Air Solution series Custom Struts with air bag mounted in vehicle

Our Solution Series line was made to be the best experience on air suspension.  We've addressed common issues customers have complained about.  Lack of lift, stiff ride, poor performance, and complicated installs.  Our Solution Series kits are built to ensure a smooth install for everyone.  For most applications, it's as simple as removing the factory components and replacing them with ours in the reverse order.  The only way it'd be easier is if they installed themselves.  If you need help, our network of shops can help.

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Custom Adjustments

​Solution Series was designed to be the most versatile in the air suspension industry.  We maximize the available "Sweet Spot" for your driving height, granting a great ride, high or low.  

Upper strut mount with damping adjustment knob

 Adjust damping with the provided dial or travel along the threaded body with lock rings.  Our products perform no matter the situation, from track raced supercars, pavement draggers, exotics, luxury cars, off-roaders, daily drivers, to the cool soccer dad/mom van's.  

Custom struts sitting side by side

Even specialty applications like in Hollywood camera/stunt cars, OEM Manufacture R&D facilities, limos, & more.  We can customize your kit for normal to extreme applications.

Hand Crafted Performance

Slamming the vehicle is the easy part, our focus is to deliver the best overall ride quality & performance.  Our bags allow for maximum travel of up to 7" or more for clearance!  Keep it slammed, driving low or saving that front lip/body kit.  

Hand building custom air struts

Solution Series is made to order, hand built, made specifically for your vehicle & application.  We don't just slap a bag on a coilover.  With over 20 bag designs to choose from, we pair the best fitting option, to deliver the absolute best industry leading experience!  

Assembling air bag and machined aluminum brackets

Performance, comfort, aesthetic or utility, Solution Series is the ultimate answer for custom aftermarket air suspension.

Top Tier components

Your product is only as good as its weakest components, that's why we sweat the details.  We use premium ‘AN’ style leader lines to handle any simple or custom setup.  Containing a synthetic rubber hose at its core, these lines are reinforced with a woven stainless-steel mesh & housed within a braided nylon sleeve to protect from the elements.  

Threaded body air strut with braided airline

We also utilize stainless steel hardware in a thin spec-built 6061 grade aluminum brackets that are milled in-house, Urethane Bushings or robust pillow-ball bearings depending on application.  

Custom Upper Strut Mounts

Working directly with a top tier damper manufacturer we focused on developing dampers tuned for vehicles on air suspensionSolution Series will deliver the best performance and reliability, for years to come.  Get ready for the way Air Suspension should be!

Air bag mounted in vehicle


Hose Fittings None or 1/4" or 3/8" or 1/2"